Posted by: Zach Younkin | August 12, 2008

CAR Review

We made it back to Ohio at about 8:30 p.m. on Friday, August 1st. It was a great and awesome trip. All of us are ready to go back.

We spent almost every day with orphans and spent time with over 500 in 8 different groups in Bangui. The people of CAR are very loving, creative and joyful, even in the poor conditions they live in, by our standards. We spent time playing games, a lot of soccer and basketball and other “motion” games requiring no equipment. The children make up games to enjoy and we loved playing with them. The children come up to you and just want to hold your hand and be near you. There greatest need is for sponsorship so that they can have food, clothing and maybe private school.

It was awesome being with the ICDI staff. We miss them and will continue to communicate with them.

Thanks for bearing with us and not being able to get e-mails to you. Internet access in CAR was very limited, even when electric power was available.

Posted by: Zach Younkin | July 30, 2008

Africa Update 7-30

We have spent almost everyday of this trip with orphans, we have met with all eight groups, a total of almost 800 orphans. We have met many children with aids and dissabilities. Frentsos and Wayne are in the process of sponsoring children. The Frey’s want to sponsor Sederick’s brother Patterne. Sponsorship is the greatest need for ICDI. Its been a very humbly and awesome trip. Pray for the emotion of leaving new family and friends. Pray for travel safety and flight confirmation, that all of us get a seat! Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Love in Him,
The team

Also pray for no trouble getting out of CAR, There are a lot of little things to prepare, exit tax, customs and clearance!’

The airport is chaotic.


Posted by: Zach Younkin | July 29, 2008

Fody Update

I just got off the phone with Kelly.  She gave the following update:

Fody just celebrated the 5-0.  That’s right his 50th was celebrated today.  There wasn’t any cake, but there were seven, eight, nine, ten and 11 year olds at the orphanage that they were at.

They played barefoot soccer with the kids on dirt and rocks.  Whenever the kids were pushed down on the rocks (hopefully not by our own team), they wouldn’t cry or run to their mom’s.  Fody said that they are “tough little buggers”.

Tomorrow is their last full day in Africa.  In the morning they are heading to some type of Grace Brethren mission and then in the afternoon visiting another orphanage.  They have visited pretty much one orphanage per day to just play with the kids.  The kids are excited just to have someone to play with.

If you can’t imagine what the team is feeling, neither can I.

Kelly said that both Fody and Addie can’t describe emotions and what they have seen.  Absolutely nothing is like our life.  There are power outtages throughout the day.  They will be with electricity and then nothing.  Just darkness.

Fody said that everything has failure.  There is always a failure rate, regardless of what the item is.

The team has been completely wowed by the entire experience.

They leave C.A.R. Thursday at 6 p.m. and then have a layover in Paris and will finally arrive Friday in Detroit around noon.  After a six hour lay-over, the team will finally arrive back home by eight in the evening.

If I receive any other updates, I will pass them along.

Posted by: Zach Younkin | July 27, 2008

Update from Africa!

Hey there everyone!

Here is the first update that I have received from the team currently in Africa.


Praise the Lord we have internet for a minute tonight!
The team have been able to visit with almost all eight orphan care groups, the children have all touched our hearts. Everything is going well, as for safety, health and seeing the Lord at work! We have attended two African services, in sango and in french. Due to internet limitation, we will share more later.
In Christ, The team
Addie was scribe if there are mistakes blame me…Pray for Fody though, for no fainting or sickness, he switched malaria meds too, Alot of heat here , pray for hidration, since we are on the equator.
We got to meet Hunter’s sponsor and met a new one his brother, and Fody and Addie met Luisa their new little girl, Wayne is celebrating his birthday tonight.
Greatest need is for sponsorship of orphans and aid children, through ICDI.


You should be able to see some pictures above.

Thanks for visiting!

Posted by: Zach Younkin | July 24, 2008

Quick Update

Hey Guys,
Here is an update for the team that I received from Tina Hobler.
Wanted to let you know that Robin called her husband and he called me.  They have not found any internet service and the cost to call is a lot so I will update you on what I know.
Things are going great.  It rained from 3:00am until 10:00am.  When it rains a lot in Africa, it is like a snow storm here in the USA.  Everyone panics.  They were without electricity for a little while. They did get to see the guards kill a cobra then eat it.
Things are still going great.  They are going to the rain forest tomorrow for Hunter’s Baptism.  Hunter is now known as the lizard man.  Lizards are everywhere in Africa.  Hunter catches them then lets them go.
That is it for now.  I will let you know if I hear from Robin’s husband again.
From what I have heard, they are going to try to find internet access so that we can hear first hand.
I will update it whenever I receive it.

Posted by: Zach Younkin | July 18, 2008

Pictures from the Prayer Service

Hey everyone,

Here are some pictures taken from the Prayer service Tuesday morning…

Garret and Rhett pray with Wayne

Garret and Rhett pray with Wayne

Frentsos' pray together

Frentsos' pray together

The Frey's pray together

The Frey's pray together

The CAR Team prepares to say good-bye

The CAR Team prepares to say good-bye

Posted by: Zach Younkin | July 14, 2008


Hey there,

Yesterday was the commishioning service for the team at DGBC.

Here are some pictures

(you should be able to click the pictures to enlarge them)

The team leaves tomorrow,

Be sure to join them tomorrow for the prayer send-off at 10:30 a.m. in the church parking lot.

Posted by: Zach Younkin | July 8, 2008

One week left!

Can you believe that there is only one week left before the team leaves for C.A.R.??

It’s coming quickly.

Be sure to check this for updates as internet connection and power permit.

Posted by: Zach Younkin | July 6, 2008


Dear Family, Friends, Supporters and Prayer Partners – It is almost time for us to depart for our mission trip to the Central African Republic!  We will partner with ICDI (Integrated Community Development International) for two weeks to encourage and empower the Africans and share the love of Christ and the gospel message.    Please pray for health, safety, travel, unity and that the Lord’s will is done and that He receives the glory.  You can track us at    We will post updates and pictures as electric and internet capabilities allow.  We will spend the majority of our time in the capital city of Bangui and the time change is 5 hours ahead of you here at home.

July 15 –     Depart Columbus Airport to Detroit, MI then onto Paris
July 16 –    Arrive Paris, 12 hour lay over then depart for Bangui, Central African Republic
July 17 –    Arrive Bangui, rest, settle in and tour city
July 18 –    Visit Orphan Care Center
July 19 –    Visit Orphan Groups
July 20 –    Church  and orphan visits
July 21 –    Visit GBIM orphan center
July 22 –     Accompany ICDI Nurse on Medical visits, orphan home visits
July 23 –    Visit Boali and Radio Station
July 24 –    Work with Orphan Care Groups 1 and 2 with flannel graphs
July 25 –    Work with Orphan Care Groups 3 and 4 with flannel graphs
July 26 –    Visit Orphan Care Group 5 with flannel graphs
July 27 –    Church and orphan visits
July 28 –    Work with Orphan Care Group 6 and 7 with flannel graphs
July 29 –     Pessele Pygmy Village visit
July 30 –    Work with Orphan Care Group 8 with flannel graphs
July 31 –    Baggage registration and depart from Bangui to Paris
Aug 1 –        Depart Paris for home

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On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday June 2nd, 3rd & 4th there will be a
fundraiser at the Warehouse Restaurant in Marion. The Africa Mission Team
will receive 20% of all purchases made with our ticket which you present to
your server.

They offer a lunch buffet from 11-2 and dinner from 4:30-9:00pm. They also
offer carry out. Lunch to Dinner prices range from $5.95 to $18.95 and
they offer everything from spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, veal, chicken,
whitefish, salmon, vegetarian, alfredo and steaks.

If you would like to support the team in this manner please pick up a ticket
at the narthex information board or contact Robin Frey to have one mailed to

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