Posted by: Zach Younkin | May 30, 2008

Golf Date

Here is an update from Rhett Edwards, youth pastor at D.G.B.C. regarding the upcoming CAR Team fundraiser.


“Hi everyone,

I wanted to send out a brief email to help the CAR team spread the 
word of an exciting and fun opportunity to help support the team from 
DGBC which are headed to the Central African Republic in mid-July. 
Not only is it a great way to support this trip, but it’s a great 
opportunity to bond with families… especially father’s and sons on 
Father’s Day!

The event will be held on Sunday, June 15th. The event consists of a 
lunch at Riverside View Park which is off of Rt. 23N, and unlimited 
balls on the driving range at Oakhaven. Which is on the opposite side 
of Rt. 23 from the park. It will begin shortly after 2nd service 
concludes at DGBC (12:45). Just enough time to get changed into your 
favorite summer outfit and golf shirt!

  It will go for a few hours into the afternoon. The cost is $10 per 
person, or $15 per couple/pair. There will be some Ohio Weslyan golf 
players there too, if you would like some help on your stroke. It 
could be a great opportunity for Father’s especially to have a little 
relaxing time with their kids on Father’s Day.

There will be plenty of space for a number of people to be driving at 
one time. Addie Frentsos, who’s part of the CAR trip, has done a 
great job at putting this event together. Coordinating with the OWU 
golf program. All dollars from this event will go directly towards 
the support of this CAR team of 5.

Tickets will be available at the church so you can call in for them @ 

CAR Fundraiser: Picnic & Golf @ Riverside Park and Oakhaven Golf Course
Sunday, June 15. 12:45-3pm
Cost: $10 a piece or $15 per couple or pair.

Lunch will be provided and available at Riverside View Park, off of 
Route 23N.
Unlimited balls at the driving range at Oakhaven. Opposite side of 
Rt. 23N from Riverside.

Pleas consider this great way to support this team headed to Africa.

Blessings in Christ,


Be safe this weekend!


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