Posted by: Zach Younkin | July 27, 2008

Update from Africa!

Hey there everyone!

Here is the first update that I have received from the team currently in Africa.


Praise the Lord we have internet for a minute tonight!
The team have been able to visit with almost all eight orphan care groups, the children have all touched our hearts. Everything is going well, as for safety, health and seeing the Lord at work! We have attended two African services, in sango and in french. Due to internet limitation, we will share more later.
In Christ, The team
Addie was scribe if there are mistakes blame me…Pray for Fody though, for no fainting or sickness, he switched malaria meds too, Alot of heat here , pray for hidration, since we are on the equator.
We got to meet Hunter’s sponsor and met a new one his brother, and Fody and Addie met Luisa their new little girl, Wayne is celebrating his birthday tonight.
Greatest need is for sponsorship of orphans and aid children, through ICDI.


You should be able to see some pictures above.

Thanks for visiting!



  1. Dear DGBC Team,

    Thank you so…. much for the update. Betty and I continue to pray for you guys. I hope Fodi adjusts well to his new medication and starts feeling better right away.

    I know that when you return you will be changed for having gone on this trip and served as you have. It’s one thing to say that you know what the people in Africa are going through and it’s another thing to have actually been there and gone through it as you have.

    Happy belated Birthday Wayne!

    We look forward to seeing you guys and hearing all about your trip.

    We pray that God will richly bless you and those you come into contact with while on your missions trip!

    Love in Christ,

    Bill & Betty Moore

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