Posted by: Zach Younkin | July 29, 2008

Fody Update

I just got off the phone with Kelly.  She gave the following update:

Fody just celebrated the 5-0.  That’s right his 50th was celebrated today.  There wasn’t any cake, but there were seven, eight, nine, ten and 11 year olds at the orphanage that they were at.

They played barefoot soccer with the kids on dirt and rocks.  Whenever the kids were pushed down on the rocks (hopefully not by our own team), they wouldn’t cry or run to their mom’s.  Fody said that they are “tough little buggers”.

Tomorrow is their last full day in Africa.  In the morning they are heading to some type of Grace Brethren mission and then in the afternoon visiting another orphanage.  They have visited pretty much one orphanage per day to just play with the kids.  The kids are excited just to have someone to play with.

If you can’t imagine what the team is feeling, neither can I.

Kelly said that both Fody and Addie can’t describe emotions and what they have seen.  Absolutely nothing is like our life.  There are power outtages throughout the day.  They will be with electricity and then nothing.  Just darkness.

Fody said that everything has failure.  There is always a failure rate, regardless of what the item is.

The team has been completely wowed by the entire experience.

They leave C.A.R. Thursday at 6 p.m. and then have a layover in Paris and will finally arrive Friday in Detroit around noon.  After a six hour lay-over, the team will finally arrive back home by eight in the evening.

If I receive any other updates, I will pass them along.



  1. Happy Birthday, Fody. We’re thinking of all of you. Thank you Zach for keeping us as up-to-date as you can. My heart is filled with emotion as I read what our dear friends are experiencing and look forward to hearing more when they arrive home. God’s blessings as they make their way back to us!

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