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Golf Date

Here is an update from Rhett Edwards, youth pastor at D.G.B.C. regarding the upcoming CAR Team fundraiser.


“Hi everyone,

I wanted to send out a brief email to help the CAR team spread the 
word of an exciting and fun opportunity to help support the team from 
DGBC which are headed to the Central African Republic in mid-July. 
Not only is it a great way to support this trip, but it’s a great 
opportunity to bond with families… especially father’s and sons on 
Father’s Day!

The event will be held on Sunday, June 15th. The event consists of a 
lunch at Riverside View Park which is off of Rt. 23N, and unlimited 
balls on the driving range at Oakhaven. Which is on the opposite side 
of Rt. 23 from the park. It will begin shortly after 2nd service 
concludes at DGBC (12:45). Just enough time to get changed into your 
favorite summer outfit and golf shirt!

  It will go for a few hours into the afternoon. The cost is $10 per 
person, or $15 per couple/pair. There will be some Ohio Weslyan golf 
players there too, if you would like some help on your stroke. It 
could be a great opportunity for Father’s especially to have a little 
relaxing time with their kids on Father’s Day.

There will be plenty of space for a number of people to be driving at 
one time. Addie Frentsos, who’s part of the CAR trip, has done a 
great job at putting this event together. Coordinating with the OWU 
golf program. All dollars from this event will go directly towards 
the support of this CAR team of 5.

Tickets will be available at the church so you can call in for them @ 

CAR Fundraiser: Picnic & Golf @ Riverside Park and Oakhaven Golf Course
Sunday, June 15. 12:45-3pm
Cost: $10 a piece or $15 per couple or pair.

Lunch will be provided and available at Riverside View Park, off of 
Route 23N.
Unlimited balls at the driving range at Oakhaven. Opposite side of 
Rt. 23N from Riverside.

Pleas consider this great way to support this team headed to Africa.

Blessings in Christ,


Be safe this weekend!

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   It’s hard to believe that we are only 9 weeks away from being in the Central African Republic!  Right now I have 4 full trunks of Beanies, Hot Wheels and Smarties ready to go and more to fill.  Each trunk weighs just under 50 lbs.  This week starts the process of looking for business or corporate sponsors to give a $200 tax deductible donation to pay for freight costs.  And we continue to try to raise the necessary funds to cover the trip.  As of last week flight costs were up to $2900.00 per person.


So please pray for all the necessary preparations over the next several weeks which includes securing flight tickets, lots of shots, fundraising, team building and most importantly that God’s will is done and that He receives all the glory!


Love in Christ,


Jeremiah 1:7

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Seeking God’s Heart Information (and lots of it…)

Thank you so much for your prayers for the Seeking God’s Heart event at the church April 12th. I pray that God can use this special event to help individuals in our church rally together to serve the Lord in unity as He allows us to go through this challenging period in time.

Please remember that the adult portion of this event is open to anyone and includes several workshops on a variety of topics about outreach, serving the community, sharing the love of God and serving God together as a church body.

All kids are invited and welcome to the children’s portion, which has programming from age 3 to 5th grade and childcare for 2 yo and under. Workshops for kids include teaching children about ways to share their faith, better understanding of the gospel message and learning about missions around the world. We’ll have games, crafts, Bible verse memory, puppet shows, etc.

Thanks to all of you who are helping with teaching and childcare. I still do have need of cookies for that morning. If anyone would be able to contribute a couple of dozen cookies for this event, please let me know. I have no idea how many children God will choose to bring, but I want to make sure I have enough.

Thank you so much, and please do remember to keep this event in your prayers.


This Saturday April 12 is the 3rd bi-annual “Seeking God’s Heart” event at the Delaware Grace Brethren Church from 9am – Noon. Special guest Tom Barlow, missionary in London, will give opening 15-min address followed by 4 different workshops that you get to choose from (choose 2!). There is something for everyone including kids of all ages so bring them along for special-designed children’s tract (and childcare for the really little ones).

50-min workshops will include:

“The Post-Christendom Church” Tom Barlow

“Partnering Together for Africa” Dave and Jean Vittum, ICDI (the organization that Bob Belohlavek works for and with whom our Africa team will partner this summer; “Hunter’s Heroes” will also be highlighted)

“Sharing Christ in the Workplace” Matt Kuchers

“Local Ministry Opportunities” Josh Weiser plus a team of local ministry representatives

***This is not just about overseas missions; it is about seeking God’s Heart for a lost world – including the community around us! Come and be encouraged to find your place in the world. Help us make this a great success by bringing your family and a friend!

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Seeking God’s Heart

Seeking God’s Heart” is next Sat April 12 9am-Noon! 


You can help to make this event more successful.  First of all, please pray for it and ask God to use it to expand His Kingdom on earth as well in the hearts of His people as we learn to see the world through the eyes of Jesus.  Please also pray for the Children’s Program which Jessica has organized and that God would plant seeds in the tender hearts of many kids.


Secondly, please consider attending if you are not already planning to be there and invite a friend to join you.  This is especially important for the CAR Team as this summer’s Africa trip will be highlighted with a workshop in order to draw more attention to it.  We have an ICDI rep coming from NY plus Tom Barlow from England!  Other workshops will be led by Matt Kuchers and Josh Weiser.


Let me know if you have any questions!

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Jesus said that if we drink from the well of His life we will never thirst again.  But the sad truth is many children in Africa are so physically thirsty for clean water that some are dying.  Some will die today. But praise God that He is allowing our church to make a real difference!  Thanks to the initiative of Hunter Frey we are now planning to send our first team to the CAR in July.  We need your help to make this venture successful.  Here are some things you can do to make a difference:  Pray.  Sounds like a no-brainer but sometimes we forget that it makes a tangible and substantial difference.  Let’s be deliberate! Support.  If you feel led to do so, you can provide financial support to one of the people going to Africa or the team as a whole.  You can also buy flowers (to go with your mulch) as a means of supporting the team. Learn.  Learning is growth.  Come to “Seeking God’s Heart” 9am-Noon on Sat April 12 at the church and you can hear more about the clean water initiative in Africa from an ICDI representative, meet Hunter Frey and learn more about the orphans and their needs, as well as meet our missionary Tom Barlow.  Let me know if you have any questions about any of these!   Reminder:  Since this is Spring Break week there will be no Wednesday night meetings.  But please join us Weds Apr 9 from 6:30-8pm in the Nursery for a focused time of prayer!

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Ten reasons Central African Republic should be on your radar

This is from a article.  Any external links found originally in this article can still be found via this article.

Central African Republic, a small country of 4 million people located exactly where its name suggests, ranks among the least-known places in the world. It often features on lists highlighting the world’s most under-reported humanitarian emergencies, including the annual top 10 issued by international relief agency Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF).

Central African Republic is intimately linked with its neighbours. It’s sandwiched between Chad and Sudan to the north and Cameroon to the west. Below are Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Republic of Congo.

CAR’s conflict – between the government and rebel groups that want to overthrow it – is sometimes portrayed as spillover from the higher-profile wars in Chad and Sudan. Some aid workers worry this downplays the country’s own problems.

But there are significant links, and Africa analyst Alex de Waal says Chad, DRC, Eritrea, Libya, Sudan and Uganda all have interests in Central African Republic’s future. Chadian rebels based in Sudan are active in CAR, and have even recruited some of their military commanders there. Ugandan rebels from the Lord’s Resistance Army have also used eastern Central African Republic as a base.

Uprooted people cross all its borders, with 45,000 refugees from CAR in Cameroon, 50,000 in Chad and 3,000 in Sudan. In the other direction, hundreds have arrived since this year’s upheaval in Chad, and aid workers say they’ve got contingency plans if more refugees – or retreating rebels – come their way.

We’re talking about a place where almost 300,000 people have been uprooted by violence, and families forage in the forests to escape anti-government rebels who raze their villages and child-abducting bandits. They raid and loot with impunity as the government has little control beyond the capital Bangui.

Aid agencies say the violence is most extreme in the northwest and northeast, where villagers are caught up in a conflict between the government and rebels, and are vulnerable to attack by both.

About one-third of those displaced have fled the country. But the rest who remain in CAR tend not to move very far from their homes. Many are camped out in the bush close to their razed villages, continuing to work their fields when they can or clearing new plots of land in the forest, as described in a November 2007 report by MSF.

It’s hard for families to recover when their seeds and emergency supplies have been burned or looted, and the U.N. World Food Programme says thousands risk starvation.

The army has come under heavy criticism from rights groups and aid agencies for brutal assaults on villages – burning down homes, beating men and raping women – but the president now seems to have reined in his forces in response to international pressure.

Two rebel groups signed peace deals with the government in early 2007, although aid workers say the peace agreements aren’t respected on the ground. But a third rebel group – the largest – hasn’t even come to the table.

Rural inhabitants also live in fear of “zaraguinas” – marauding gangs who specialise in kidnapping babies and children for ransom. Anyone in a position of authority and perceived wealth risks being abducted too, from chiefs and pastors to teachers and health workers. Aid agencies say many of the bandits come from Chad and Niger. Refugees International issued some helpful information about the zaraguinas in January.

In the north, another factor fuelling violence is the presence of armed Chadian pastoralists who cross the border during the dry season and sometimes clash with locals over access to grazing routes. Armed poachers operate in the southwest. The problems are entwined because bandits thrive on the lawlessness accompanying the political conflict.

Multinational peacekeepers have been deployed in various incarnations since 1997. At the moment, unarmed police from the U.N. mission, MINURCAT, are mandated to work in northeastern Central African Republic and eastern Chad, alongside an armed European Union peacekeeping force, EUFOR.

Under the same U.N. Security Council resolution, the 3,700-strong EUFOR is charged with protecting refugee camps, while the smaller MINURCAT focuses on training police and advising authorities on human rights and security threats.

Central African Republic is one of just four countries in the spotlight of the International Criminal Court so far. The ICC is investigating war crimes committed by rebels from Democratic Republic of Congo during 2002-2003 violence in CAR.

With life expectancy barely above 43 years, the country’s humanitarian statistics are among the worst on the planet, despite its wealth of diamonds and timber.

U.N. officials said in February they were helping the government battle a meningitis epidemic. A decade of unstable government has left the health service in tatters. Most health workers in rural areas have left their jobs because of insecurity and unpaid wages, and there’s a chronic shortage of essential drugs and vaccines. You’ll find more on this in AlertNet’s crisis briefing.

Even where health care exists, few people can afford to pay for it. The HIV/AIDS rate is one of the highest in the region, with more than 10 percent of the adult population living with the virus, according to UNAIDS.

There are now about 30 relief organisations operating in the remote northeast and northwest, including MSF, International Rescue Committee (IRC), Caritas, Merlin and Premiere Urgence. Some of them run “bush schools” in a zone where the official education system is non-existent.

There’s been a big increase in the aid presence since 2006, when only a handful of international non-governmental organisations worked in this isolated region. Humanitarian and development organisations in CAR run a resource-packed blog website, which is well worth a visit.

Security is so bad that most embassies and international agencies are based in neighbouring Cameroon.

Aid agencies say it’s hard to get funding from donors reluctant to give money to a country that’s had 11 coups in the last decade and is plagued by a history of corruption.

“It’s not only poor – it’s getting poorer,” says Toby Lanzer, the country’s U.N. humanitarian coordinator, who thinks 2008 is a make-or-break year for CAR.

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Hunter’s Beanie Babies

“I’m just your
average kid who loves animals, playing video games, going hunting and long to be like Jesus”

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Hunter & Josue

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African Aids Babies

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