Prayer Requests

On this page, you will find the prayer requests for the CAR. We will be updating this as prayer requests come known.
********************************************************************Think you very much for your prayer about my brother Daniel.

Yesterday, my brother has a freedom. He is now in the family and we praise the Lord!!!!

I wil be happy to see you next July into august for your trip in Central African Republic.

I’m going well with my family.

In Jesus name

Josue Mbami


Here is one that goes into a bit more depth…

“Daniel has been freed! God explicitly answered our prayers. There was an intervention by a group of armed Fulanis which caused the armed bandits to flee and Daniel took advantage of this to escape and to arrive at the house at Bouar yesterday evening around 5:00. What a miracle!

“I was on the phone with Daniel this morning and he said that there were nine bandits, one being Central African and the others Chadian Arabs. They fired on the vehicle, which turned over. Some passengers fled but Daniel was caught in the leg by part of the car. He was therefore taken by the bandits and led with 16 other prisoners into the bush. According to what he said, the bandits told him he would not be freed because he is a nurse and that he would be kept captive even if a large ransom was paid, in order to care for their health. Since he has not returned (to Bangui) yet, he was only able to give me this brief information.

“There was also a case of the kidnapping of three doctors plus three health technicians on the road from Bozoum to Bangui last Sunday. The bandits asked for the sum of 16 million CFAs (around $35,000) before freeing those detained. PRAY that God will save the CAR from this growing insecurity.

“Daniel asked me to thank all those who have supported him by their prayers. He sensed the power of these prayers and that it is because of this that his life was saved and that he has returned to his family. Please transmit this news of grace to your global prayer group, with much gratitude.

“Thank you, thank you, and thank you for this important support. ~ Hibailé Augustin”
URGENT PRAYER! CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC – This urgent request, dated Saturday, February 9th, comes to us from Augustin Hibailé concerning his brother:

“My youngest brother, Daniel Mbami, left for Bocoranga yesterday to see our parents. He was kidnapped with everyone he was traveling with in the vehicle near Bohong and was carried away into the bush. We do not know the outcome of this situation. PRAY, PRAY for his release. More later…”

This update came through this morning, February 11th:

“More than fifteen persons were taken prisoner into the bush. Daniel’s pastor at Bouar just left on motorcycle to the place they were taken to try to get precise information concerning Daniel. According to the little information that we have received, it appears that the kidnappers took the identity papers of the captives to send them to the chief of the village so that the families could get information concerning them from the chief. Often the kidnappers ask for ransom money before freeing the captives. Thanks to those who hold us up in their prayers. I am convinced that God will act on our behalf.”

I have been working on a powerpoint for the past few hours and put this together: Statistical Breakdown of the Central African Republic Compared to the United States of America

Take a look at it. I will continue to work on it throughout the week with hopes of putting a final copy on by the weekend. Nothing flashy, fancy, or anything like that. Just a comparison.


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